Graffiti Artists – art of your mind

Graffiti artists create drawings and writing on walls, or even buildings. This art form can be considered a part of street art and is usually done in public places such as subways, buildings, or billboards. There are many different graffiti styles, and they range from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings. Some are considered vandalism while others are considered an art form. In addition to creating graffiti, some artists are commissioned to create murals or other works of art.

Banksy is a British artist who has become known as a provocateur. He uses stencils to create artworks that are political, satirical, and humorous. His work often includes monkeys, policemen, and other contemporary figures. The stencils also contain images of Donald Trump, Amy Winehouse, and other celebrities. He is also a filmmaker. Banksy’s art has been exhibited in commercial spaces, and has been included in the company of Barack Obama.

The term “graffiti” was originally an Italian word graffio (scratch), and the art evolved into a style of writing. The early graffiti was closely associated with gangs and gang members. It was a way for gang members to claim territories and boast about crimes they had committed. Gangs also used the graffiti as a prelude to violent confrontations.

The term “tagging” emerged in the 1990s, and it is a form of graffiti that is repeated using a single symbol or series of symbols. Some graffiti artists include the Crime Time Kings, and other graffiti artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat. During the 1990s, graffiti was gaining worldwide popularity. Many movies about New York City subcultures facilitated the spread of this art form.

The Berlin Wall became a popular painting spot in the ’80s and ’90s. Several graffiti artists have painted on the Wall, including Thierry Noir, who is credited as the first artist to paint it. One of the most recognizable figures in the world of graffiti is Futura. Although Futura’s work has expanded since its inception, it still incorporates a strong, abstract expressionistic field of color.

Another prominent figure in the world of graffiti is Shepard Fairey. This artist is a well-known street artist, cartoonist, and designer. Initially, he began tagging billboards in New York. But he soon found success with his posters, which eventually became a staple of pop culture. Today, he is a commercially successful artist, has his own clothing line, and donates his profits from commercial ventures to non-profit organizations.

Other artists include KAWS, who began as a graffiti artist. After his fame, he designed a line of limited edition toys and clothing. KAWS also became an internationally renowned cartoon artist. A few years ago, he exhibited his work in museums. Since then, he has incorporated different textures, line work, and pop culture references into his artworks. KAWS is also a member of the International Street Art Association.

Finally, there are a number of graffiti artists who are born in various countries. One of these is Senkoe. Originally from Quintana Roo, Mexico, Senkoe has created works of art that are inspired by his native country. Using colors from Mexican textiles, his paintings are found in areas of the Quintana Roo coast.