How a Locksmith Can Improve the Security of Your Home and Office

When it comes to your home, office and vehicles security, locks are the most important investment. But even the best lock needs service, repairs and replacements from time to time.

We can rekey your locks so old keys won’t work, which is great if you’ve recently moved into a new home and don’t know who has duplicate keys.

High Security Locks

If you’re concerned about a break in or theft, it might be worth replacing your current locks with high security locks. Unlike the standard locks at Home Depot or your local hardware store, high security locks are virtually bump-proof, pick-proof, and drill resistant.

Typically, these types of locks use a patent-protected keyway that prevents unauthorized duplication. They also have warding patterns, key bows and cylinders with telescopic pins that reduce the chances of being picked or bump-keyed.

Additionally, these types of locks have a heavy bolt that protects from hammering or using a battering ram to force the lock open. They are also built to resist different kinds of sawing attacks.

Another benefit of this type of lock is that it gives you control over who can make a copy of your keys. You’ll be able to feel safe giving the babysitter, dog-walker or maid a key because you know that no unauthorized copies have been made.

Traditional Styled Locks

Traditional style locks are a great way to add security to your home without changing the look. These locks can be used with any door in your home and are easy to install. They are available in several different finishes including brushed brass, oil rubbed bronze and polished nickel. These locks are also durable and made from high-quality materials.

Traditional locks have a simple appearance and are perfect for homes with traditional home decor styles. These locks feature timeless shapes, antique pieces and classical artwork. They are also a good option for doors with a lot of glass. They can be purchased in a wide range of finishes to match your home’s aesthetics.

Locks need to be serviced and maintained to keep them in good shape. This will help prevent deterioration caused by weather and heavy use over time. Having your locks regularly serviced by a professional locksmith will save you money and reduce the risk of lockouts.

Stylish Locks

A Locksmith in Coral Springs FL offers stylish locks that not only make your home more secure but also look great. They are designed for residential environments and come packed with anti-theft mechanisms that would make it nigh impossible to break them.

Even if your locks are new, you should call a locksmith to inspect them from time to time. They will spot any signs of wear and tear that might lead to them becoming jammed or even worse. A certified locksmith will be able to repair or replace your locks to ensure that they are always in good working order.

If you recently moved into a new home and don’t know if previous owners have spare keys, you can ask your Locksmith in Coral Springs FL to rekey the lock for you. This is a process where the locksmith removes the lock cylinder and modifies the pins inside so that old keys will no longer work. This is a much cheaper option than replacing the entire lock.

Keyless Entry Systems

A keyless entry system makes it easy for residents to grant access to guests, delivery drivers, dog walkers, and maintenance without having to hand out keys. These systems can be activated by using smartphones, keypads, or even fingerprint scanners. The ability to remotely unlock doors for guests is also a great feature.

Fobs are a common method for building access, but they can be an operational burden and a source of resident upset and alienation. Many landlords are exploring keyless options that offer more flexibility in terms of what residents can use to gain entry.

These systems also provide a way for landlords to track activity within the buildings. They can deactivate access cards or codes that have been lost and easily create, change, and remove access for employees. This allows for greater control over who is entering the building, which is vital in keeping everyone safe.